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3D Animations

Bringing aliens to life no, wait, cancel that because 3D designers can bring anything to life, including props, objects, characters, and more. Cloud Animations is a 3D animation company that excels in graphic techniques that incorporate motion into 3D animation design.

Partnering with a 3D animation studio for marketing your product or services is highly likely to prove to be successful for your business as it catches the audience’s attention instantly and creates an opportunity for branding since the human brain retains 3D video animations reasonably well. It also evokes interactivity as consumers feel more connected to the brand. But most importantly, a 3D animation can be posted on multiple platforms giving your brand an equal chance of exposure from all ends.

Speak to an expert at the 3D animation agency to determine how we can aid your business’s marketing strategy.

3D Power Unleashed 3D Animation

You won't know the power of 3D Animation services until you try them.

Out-of-the-Box Storytelling

Spread your story far and wide with the help of masterful, life-like 3D animations.

Product Popularity

Build hype around your product with the best 3D product animations.

Build Your Reputation

Embrace 3D animation technology to build a strong market reputation.

3D Animation Portfolio

Planet Ife
Oil & Gas

Pricing plans

Bringing you the best, in a price that is better than the rest

  • Basic Videos

    $499.00$998.00 Text & Image Compilation

    Key features without breaking
    the bank—ideal for personal

    • 30sec Duration
    • Script Writing
    • Custom Artwork
    • Background Music
    • HD Format Video
    • Dedicated Support
  • Premium Videos

    $799.00$1,598.00Motion Graphic Animation

    Key features without breaking
    the bank—ideal for personal

    • 30sec Duration
    • Script Writing
    • Professional Voice-over & SFX
    • Hand-drawn Illustrations
    • Unlimited Revisions
    • HD Format Video
    • Dedicated Support
  • Ninja Videos

    $999.00$1,998.00Ultimate 2D Animation

    Key features without breaking
    the bank—ideal for personal

    • 30sec Duration
    • Script Writing
    • Professional Voice-over & SFX
    • Custom 2D Characters
    • Unlimited Revisions
    • HD Format Video
    • Dedicated Support

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How We Animate

As an industry-leading video animation company, we have a firm belief that innovation, when combined with dedication, helps the brand stand out through exceptional video production.

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Data Collection

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Voice Over

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We ask the client to fill out the questionnaire and provide us with the details needed to proceed with the project. Then we will call you for clarification of details and discuss the terms & conditions.

After gathering all the details, we send all the data to the scriptwriter for the production of the script. This draft is then sent to the client for approval and revised as per the client’s needs.

The third step of the process is storyboarding, where our storyboard artists sketch out different scenes of the video to transform the concept into a visual format.

After the storyboard approval, the fourth step requires the voiceover artist to add life to the content by adjusting sounds and voices as per the scene and the background of the video.

Finally, the video animators connect all the dots and devise a perfect video animation piece. Before the final render, our QA experts check it thoroughly from every corner.

After getting the client’s approval and making sure that everything is up to the mark, the final video is delivered to the client, who is ready to go live!


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"The team of Cloud Animations. provides you the quality work, and they have a characteristic to understand every detail. Thanks for the explainer videos I like it!”

Mark Statham

“I am 100% satisfied with what they have provided me with. They gave me creative ideas, aesthetic visuals and everything in between in the most competitive prices."

Amit Gutin

"We had an AMAZING experience with Cloud Animations - the service from scratch to end was awesome. We felt completely confident from the start with their team.”

Mark Baker

“Cloud Animations is an agency that creates engaging video content at good rates. What I like the most is that they deliver more than they promise. They always amaze me with their excellent quality services."

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